February 2009

AirAisia – Still not as bad as Ryanair

February 28, 2009

Several people have pointed out to me that Ryanair ony let you have 15kg hold luggage too.  And now they’re talking about charging people £1 to use the toilet in flight. What next?  Coin slots to activate the drop down oxygen masks?

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Needing Luggage?

February 22, 2009

If you’ve bought a Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner from me,  thank you very much.  Now, if you’re looking for some serious travel luggage to put it in, let me point you to www.adventureavenue.co.uk.  They’re a friendly, Edinburgh based company who’ll be able to fix you up with just about any kind of travel […]

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Air Asia’s Money Generating Scheme

February 21, 2009

Don’t get me wrong, Air Asia offer a great selection of flights at brilliant prices throughout er, well Asia basically, but they do have a particular Gotcha!  They only allow 15kg of hold luggage,  anything above that and you could be paying a lot in excess baggage.  At Phnom Penh airport my backpack weighed in […]

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Comrade Duch – He’s old, he’s frail, he’s going to die in jail

February 17, 2009

Comrade Duch – doesn’t sound too bad does it? And yet it’s the alias of a man responsible for more human suffering and misery than most of us could ever imagine. Comrade Duch’s real name is Kaing Geuk Eav and during the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, Duch was in charge of the Phnom Penn […]

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Decent Place to Stay in Siem Reap

February 11, 2009

First off let me say there are a million places to stay in Siem Reap – everything from $5 basic rooms right up to unimaginable luxury type gazillion star hotels with suites costing three times more per night than the average Cambodian farmer earns in a year.  Personally, I like to aim for somewhere in-between, […]

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Dirty Money in Cambodia

February 7, 2009

See anything wrong with this $20 bill?  Ok, it’s bit creased but I guess most folk would be happy to take it.  Most people – but not in Cambodia.  This note was refused in Phnom Penh airport by the Air Asia desk in payment for my excess baggage charge.  It was then refused by the […]

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