My Icelandic Volcano Travel Hell

by admin on April 18, 2010

The Volcano That's Stopping All Air Travel

Yes, it really is my Icelandic Volcano Travel Hell.

On Sunday I was due to fly from Edinburgh to Heathrow and from there to New Zealand.  But because of Iceland’s latest ashy export I am now trapped in Edinburgh  –  with no escape in sight.  Instead of flying into a warm, tropical autumn, I am suffering in a wet, freezing, windy, Northern European country.  Tomorrow my misery will continue when, instead of enjoying Qantas hospitality, I will have to go to work instead.

Who knows when I’ll escape.

At least the Icelanders have a ready market for the huge pool of lava they’re producing

Worlds Largest Lava Lamp

Worlds Largest Lava Lamp

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