I Give You Taxi At Special Rate My Friend

by admin on March 14, 2009

I’d just flown in to Bangkok from Phnom Penh and wanted to get to my hotel in the city.  I walked down to the very ground level and,  as usual, was approached by several folk keen to offer me a a ride into town.  I normally just mutter ‘No thanks’, carry on walking and the touts give up.  Not this one though, here’s how the conversation went:

Tout:  You just arrived sir?

Me:  Yes

Tout:  Where you from?

Me:  Scotland

Tout:  Yes, the men wear skirts?

Me:  Only the ladyboys

Tout:  You want hotel, sir?

Me:  No thanks.  I’ve already got one

Tout:  You want taxi?  I give you taxi at special rate my friend?

Me:  How much to Asoke station on Sukhumvit Road?

Tout:  Special price, only 600 baht.  We go?

Me:  600 baht IS a special price.  Meter taxi is only about 230 baht, the airport bus is only 150 baht and the local bus is maybe 40 baht.  I think 600 is special price for you only

The tout just looked at me and burst out laughing.

Tout:  Yes, special for me only.  If I were you,  I  catch  airport bus too.  I go and find farang who does not know the right price for taxi.  Goodbye my friend.

You know he was such a nice friendly guy I was almost tempted to take his special price.  But I didn’t, cheapskate that I am I took the excellent value, 150 baht airport bus.

A bit of local sculpture in the airport

Annoying a big snake at Bangkok airport

Annoying a big snake at Bangkok airport

Don't play cards with this guy

Don't play cards with this guy

After 3 - Heave!

After 3 - Heave!

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