Alpine Walking and the Red Yeti

by admin on April 21, 2009

It’s been pretty quiet on the travel front recently.  I did make another trip to London on business and did consider taking the Caledonian Sleeper…………………………. for about 5 seconds!  As I wasn’t paying I flew and despite the hassle of packed airports and the frustrating delays caused by the power crazed security screeners, it was still better than listening to someone snore for 6 hours!

But onto the Red Yeti.  Red, as I like to call him, has a pretty good travel blog here which is full of great stories, pictures and advice.  He’s also been good enough to recommend my Jag Bag Silk Sleeping Bag Liners totally unprompted more than once.

A couple of weeks ago he published a great article about summer walking in the Alps.  I didn’t even know you could walk in the Alps!  But Red has written such a great, enthusiastic, article that I’m well up for it.  These walks make Scottish Munro Bagging (look it up – but don’t expect anything pervy) look like a gentle meander through the park.

Sorry,  Munro Baggers, I don’t indulge but I fully respect your right to pursue a hobby which is distantly related to train spotting – “……and that’s another one ticked off the list…….”

Anyway, back to Red Yeti and the Alps.  Check out his Alpine Walking post here.  Here’s one of Red’s rather good pictures to end on……….


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RedYeti April 21, 2009 at 10:26 pm

Wow! Very kind words Paulyrob!

I do hope the posting gets you and many more people out there – it’s magic. Well, as long as it doesn’t rain, in which case you might as well be in Wales or anywhere where there’s steep slopes and fog!

But on average in Southern Europe the weather is far better than in Wales!

I should hope it is – we’re taking our Honeymoon out there for seven weeks this summer… whoohooo!

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