Siem Reap to Bangkok by Taxi

March 10, 2010

Taxi for Terrevista! In Cambodia, what costs £100 and lasts 45 minutes?  A flight from Siem Reap to Bangkok.  Bangkok Airways seem to have this route sown up so,  if you wanna fly, you gotta pay. On top of this there’s the $20 (£13.30)’departure tax’ (make sure you have crisp, clean dollars or else they’ll […]

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Airport Security Rant

February 18, 2010

I flew from Edinburgh airport twice in the past week.  One flight was a day trip to Birmingham. No, I wasn’t going on homage to the site of Crossroads or spend a day on the canals (more canal in Brum than there is in Venice) but it was a trip to the NEC to a […]

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The Best Mosquito Repellents

January 31, 2010

Despite what the folks back home think, travelling in the tropics isn’t all palm trees, white sandy beaches, fantastic food, incredible sights and cheap alcohol.  You also have to factor in the heat, humidity, strange money, “stomach problems”, ex-pats who can only be described as scum, exotic diseases and of course, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes in this […]

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The Supermarket Guesthouse – A New Concept

January 20, 2010

Wat Bo, Jeeves! I spent the New Year period in Siem Reap (that’s in Cambodia and the town you head for if you want to see Angkor Wat).  I didn’t mean to go there, my plan was to head down to the beach in Sihanoukville but somehow I ended up at the other end of […]

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Free WiFi at Bangkok Airport

January 14, 2010

Suvarnabhumi – or Bangkok Airport as it’s now to us non Thai speakers – is a pretty busy place.  Things have changed there a bit since my last exit from Thailand 12 months ago in January 2009.  Then you queued to get your passport stamped by the happy, smiling official and passed immediately into the […]

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Summer Festival Camping

July 4, 2009

Sea of Tents Festival Camping Gear It’s a fact that the best festivals always involve camping – and if this is your first festival, you need to go with the right attitude to camping.  Forget any ideas you have about waking up to fresh country air, calm, birdsong and greenery – this is festival camping.  […]

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Trans-Siberian Trainspotters on the Mongol Rally

June 20, 2009

Follow the epic adventure here

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Ulaan Bataar or Bust!

June 20, 2009

How many famous Mongolians can you name? Ghengis Kahn’s a given as is Kublai Khan but how about Roy Chapman Andrews (ok an honorary Mongolian and apparently the man Indian Jones was modelled on) and of course who can forget Baron Ungern von Sternberg? A bit of a nutter who thought he was the re-incarnation […]

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Das Boot

May 29, 2009

Sorry if you were expecting a post about a WW2 German U-boat but read on anyway,  only don’t expect much in the way of depth charging and torpedoing. 5 years ago I bought a pair of Meindl walking shoes ahead of an epic trip to Vietnam and Laos.  I’d never heard of Meindl before but […]

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Alpine Walking and the Red Yeti

April 21, 2009

It’s been pretty quiet on the travel front recently.  I did make another trip to London on business and did consider taking the Caledonian Sleeper…………………………. for about 5 seconds!  As I wasn’t paying I flew and despite the hassle of packed airports and the frustrating delays caused by the power crazed security screeners, it was […]

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